Friday, September 30, 2011

One of those days...

Today has just been one of those days when things seem to get going good-then crash.

My husband and I have been expecting some cash recently and it finally arrived today...boy was I relieved. We were falling behind on bills and things just weren't working out and them BAM-it arrived. I paid a crap ton of bills and things were looking up. The only downfall was my kids. My husband was away at school all day today (11am-430pm) and our kids were not listening worth a hoot. I am trying to log into our bank account to check on the progress of payments, while going from site to site to see how much we can afford to pay off on each different bill. I swear I never knew someone could have 20 different bills until we moved to our current city/house. So I am switching from site to site-then going into this spreadsheet where I have a list of all the bills and typing in the amount I'd like to pay to see what our ending cash value would be. While I am doing this is started out okay...then it went to one kid (little) over the toybox (which is in between our couch and end table) and into the other room, then the other following to a place I can't see either.

It wasn't too bad at first, because I could hear them down a floor (split level house) playing in the dining room. Then I heard them down on the 3rd floor in one of the kids' room. I heard Little whining so I told her to come upstairs, because I knew her big brother was picking on her. She never came. I then have Big coming up here and Little following a while later. From this point on-I have kids going over the toybox and disappearing and then coming back-and disappearing again. It was very frustrating when I'm trying to do all of this stuff and they would not cooperate at all...not one little bit! I told my 3 year old probably 20 times to stay in the room and he did not listen. Eventually I just give up. I am too tired most days to deal with his crap. I feel like I have just gotten to the point of giving up on him. He knows what buttons to push on me, and he knows eventually they will work and I'll give up. I can only tell him "No" "stop it" and "come here" a million times before I just stop saying it.

After I was finally done paying bills I was fed up with the way the kids were acting, so I decided to drive across town to Cub Foods and get a few things. This now was a bad experience. Before I even get to the store there is this road construction (mind you-the road is done and dry-for at least a couple weeks...but they still feel the need to keep those dumb cones out) where half the people are in the wrong lane. I watch this car completely switch lanes and run a red light. These poor people in front of me had been waiting for however long until finally someone triggered the light. I had to have been waiting there at least 10 minutes for the light to change. I got to the store and had my shopping done, so I went to the self checkout. I rang a few things up-and both of the kids start acting up. We had one of those carts that have the car thing attached to the front and both of them were climbing out and just not listening. I hear this guy talking about what if she falls out-and look over to Little, who is half standing up in the cart (I had to move her from the car part). Like really guy? You weren't going to say anything to me, the mom, who was obviously stressed out enough... but you'll mention it to your co-worker...awesome. So finally I get things dealt with and start with my coupons. There was one that was supposed to save me like $8+...well it said -0.60. I'm like really? 60 cents? So I push the help button. The lady comes and says she seen on her screen it rang out okay and discount was applied (only to find out later part of it was...) and I kept on with my coupons. I am finally done and start searching for my debit card. Of day couldn't get any worse right? Nope wrong. I forgot it at home. What the heck am I supposed to do now?

I push the help button again and the lady's like "do you need something else" all snotty. Well no dummy, I pushed the button for fun. So I explained to her how I forgot my card and I would have to come back to pick up my items. I was so completely embarrassed. Not only had my kids acted up the whole time I was checking out, but I had also forgotten my way of paying for the groceries. At this time it was around 4:20pm. I had plans on going to surprise my husband all happy-go-lucky after finally getting some extra money and paying off bills, etc-to see if he wanted to go out for supper...well obviously after this experience that wasn't how the greeting was going to go. I pull up to the college and look in the parking lot for his luck. I get to thinking and remember he had mentioned that on one of the weekdays he moves the truck to a different part of the lot. I go to check there-and see his front lights on already. Now I had already called this man and left a message for him to call me before leaving school (obviously because I was close by) and he was about to leave without calling. I parked directly behind his truck and wave. He gets out and at this point my smirk turned into crying. I started bawling and told him I needed a smoke. I had left mine at home. I didn't see a point in bringing them with really...boy was I dumb. So we both pulled to the side of the parking lot and had a cigarette. I told him how extremely naughty both of our kids were at the store and how completely embarrassed I was at how many people were staring at us. It was seriously one of the worst days of my life.

My husband and I had decided to go back to Cub Foods and he would run in to get our groceries (which by the way are still in the van...long day I tell you) and then we would go to Pizza Hut. We got to pizza hut and everything went fairly well. A couple times Little was whining that she wanted something and we got a couple looks...but all in all-they were pretty good there. The plan was to go home after supper, but my husband decided to go pick up a bottle of wine for the two of us (which here it is 3am and it hasn't been opened yet...guess he wanted it pretty bad *sarcasm*) after the kids went to bed. We watch an episode of Wonder Pets and I put Little to bed. Big stays up with dad to watch another episode. It finally comes time for him to go to bed and he gets all upset because we told him he couldn't have a movie at bedtime. He had had PLENTY of warnings during the day that if he didn't straighten out he wouldn't have a movie at bedtime. Well after explaining to him several times why he didn't get a movie I decided to stay with him for a while, rubbing his head and singing a little to see if he'd calm down to the point of falling asleep. He didn't while I was there, but about 15 minutes after I left he did. He then wakes up around 2:15am asking for milk...which he has had one time during bedtime. I told him he can only have water and he seemed to be okay with it, and was back to bed. I haven't heard a peep since. After he went to bed, hubbs and I spent some time together watching a couple episodes of The First 48 and then went to do our own thing-computer time for me and Gears of War for him. The night ended well...but what the heck am I going to do about my son's misbehaving. I am so lost. He will listen to everyone but me. Any suggestions?

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