Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My son is pretty awesome

     So the other day my husband was at work and I try to get my butt in gear once he's gone to get some housework done. Well I had already vacuumed the upstairs(3rd floor) living room (Our house is split level-so when you walk in you're on the 2nd floor-there is one above it and one below...also a basement too-so cleaning and keeping the house clean is tough-to say the least) and was on the 2nd floor vacuuming the kitchen floor when my son(3) comes up to me. He tells me he cleaned the toys off of the living room floor (for the 2nd time this day) and he was so proud. I told him to go back upstairs and I would give him a treat when I was done cleaning. Then I was like "...better yet, why don't you go clean your room. It would make mom really happy." Well then as I'm in the dining room I notice my daughter(1) has disappeared. I then notice my son is also gone-and not upstairs. I turned the vacuum off and yelled for Matt telling him to come upstairs. He yells back "I can't." So I asked him why not. He then tells me "I'm busy mom." So then I get a thought "oh my gosh-is he really cleaning his room?". I go to his bedroom to get Maddie and he goes "Look mom, I'm cleaning my room." I'm like "yes you are Matt, you're doing a really good job...I'm going to take Maddie back upstairs". He tells me okay and keeps on going. For only being 3 years old, he did a dang good job if you ask me.

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