Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life...Your Way Printables--personalized solutions for intentional living

Life…Your Way
I recently came across this website from an email I received. I absolutely love it. It has over 100 printables. I usually just download ones I like and save them to my computer later on. They are great! They have all of this listed.

Right now they have some awesome fall/holiday printables. Lots for Christmas and some for Thanksgiving also. Their list of printables can be found here.

Honestly I don't know where to start about this site. There are so many great resources here to a better organized life. Reading her story I can understand why you would need organization in her household. Here we are a family of four where my husband works 4 days a week and also goes to school 4 days a week, so here his schedule is pretty well planned. But, with me, the kids and I have a tough time finding things to do as well as time for me to clean the house with them two home all day long. I need a little organization in my life to get by. I still have yet to find it as seen in this post. This site has come in handy for great starting steps to where I would like to be. Now I just seen to find something and stick to it.

Okay-I have to admit. While trying to type this out to post I have found myself searching through the site and found so so many great resources. There are tons of great ideas on the site to better your life and make it easier.

Check this amazing site out! and
Also check out their facebook page.

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